FTP vs VSFTP and 21 Port change

Remark :


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers can be useful for providing files to customers and for exchanging files with partners and business associates. However, FTP can become the bane of existence for the admins who must keep these services secure and operational. Poorly secured FTP services can often result in a successful attack on a server. That’s where VSFTP comes in.


VSFTP is a secure, stable, and fast FTP server. It can greatly decrease the chances of an attacker gaining access to a server via FTP exploits. Want evidence? The Red Hat, OpenBSD, and SuSE FTP sites all have one thing in common: They all run on VSFTP. Even SANS recommends VSFTP as the preferred FTP daemon because of its tight security.

Port Chanage

port services change

firewall open

Inbound range
fpt tcp : 50021
passv tcp : 60010:60020

restart vsftpd